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Need an edge in Actuarial & insurance recruitment?

We understand the unique challenges that you face in the highly competitive recruitment industry and are here to help you overcome them.
At Vacancysoft, We know that specialisation is key to success, and our platform allows you to focus on your area of expertise, whether it’s actuaries, underwriting, or claims.
As a recruiter, you can use Vacancy Analytics to generate growth and use the immersive market intelligence to gain a huge advantage over your competitors in the sector and take your recruitment to the next level:

Stay informed of the latest activity by:


Identify high-demand roles:

Analyse market data with Vacancy Analytics to identify high-demand roles in the actuarial and insurance industry, giving you a competitive advantage and increasing billings.


Understand client needs:

With Vacancy Analytics, recruiters can analyze market data to understand clients’ hiring needs, tailor their recruitment strategy, and make successful placements that generate repeat business.


Maximize sourcing:

Vacancy Analytics empowers recruiters to identify successful candidate sourcing strategies for their niche, streamlining the recruitment process, finding top talent quickly and efficiently, and enabling faster role fulfilment.


Stay ahead of the competition:

With real-time market data, stay ahead of trends in Actuarial and Insurance industry to position yourself as an expert and gain a competitive edge.


Increase efficiency:

Automate data collection and analysis to save time and resources, gain valuable insights, and increase revenue by taking on more clients and filling more roles.



With Vacancy Analytics you can always have the edge on your competitors and access to the data in your market that will help you take your business to the next level. Register for a demo to take the first step to see how you can use our platform to take your business to unparalleled levels.

Vacancy analytics

Position yourself as a consultant, not just a recruiter


Be the first person people want to talk to when they want to know what’s happening in the market, by giving precise commentary, backed by data

Turn up to key account meetings being informed not just of what their activity is, but how it compares to all their competitors. Feed back to them why certain roles are hard to fill on the basis of aggregate market demand. 

Become a thought leader, by sharing reports on your blogs and social media, to allow you to engage with clients and candidates alike in a way others can’t match.



As part of your licence, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager, who will work with you to maximise the ROI you get.


This will include helping you build reporting on market activity to identify areas of interest, as well as being available for any issues that emerge.


What this means is once you have signed up, we will onboard you by walking you through all the use cases for the platform to determine which are most relevant for you.


  • Is your focus business development or key account management?
  • Are you growing regionally or internationally?
  • Are there new sectors you are setting up in?
  • Or are you more interested in your core markets?


We will build the reporting with you, to help you get answers to these questions and more.

Automated Reporting & Market Updates:

Daily Email Alerts, informing you of which vacancies have appeared in the past 24 hours. Start your morning with a burst of business development, powered by your personalised Vacancy Tracker.

Weekly Summary Reports, configured to your area of interest during your onboarding session, where following that you will have a PDF emailed to you, summarising the key market activity happening relevant to you, to ensure that no matter how busy you are, your finger is on the pulse.


Kinds of reports commonly used include tracking changes in skills in demand, to help recruiters identify surging areas of hiring to ensure they are building candidate lists to mirror changes in market demand.


Quarterly Status Reports, providing you a deep dive of the activity across the sector, to give you a wider understanding of what is happening across the market.



Frequently Asked Questions

How reliable is your solution?

Vacancysoft has been operating in the Insurance sector since 2007 and works with many of the leading recruiters in the sector. We ensure our data feeds are deduplicated and our operational team are constantly working to maximise the companies we track and ensure quality control.

Will this be tailored for me?

Say you are a specialist in Underwriting vacancies — We will organise your account to be filtered with vacancies purely meeting your area of interest, covering technical roles across Underwriting.

Can I have more than one user?

We offer customisable solutions for every business. Bolt-on unlimited alerts for different desks for a fixed price. With that, you can ensure every consultant has their own personalised daily vacancy alert.

How much does it cost?

A single user licence starts at 250 gbp per month, where this is designed to be a price point to ensure that within a year, it is easy for you to get significant ROI.

What if it is not working for me?

During your first three months, you can execute a break clause at any time, so if you genuinely aren’t getting value your financial exposure is limited. As a business that has been trading since 2006, we understand the importance of long standing relationships, and sometimes it just isn’t the right time. We understand and will always seek to be flexible.

trusted by:


We asked our most pioneering clients: How many recruiters on your team are bilingual? Or speak three or more languages AND have mastered the complex insurance sector?

Having a language barrier can make your recruiters miss out on many exciting roles posted in different European countries in their native language.
Most roles posted outside the UK market in the Insurance sector are in countries such as Switzerland, France, Italy and Germany, just to name a few.

Our multilingual team of researchers scope and monitor all the European countries for any Insurance related roles posted on the company’s official websites and their job boards before reaching out to other resources.

This way, our Vacancy Tracker Alerts guarantee that you’ll be the first to see these roles every morning. Don’t miss out on or dismiss roles purely because they come from unfamiliar job boards and websites in different languages!

Vacancy Tracker lets you filter the European activity of specific clients on your PSL list and will improve the way you engage with your European clients.

That way, you can grow your agency to tap into other European countries and keep your candidates happy with new and exciting roles!


See trends emerging in real time. Track changes by sector, location and job function. Use data to have a first mover advantage in your market.

1. Become a consultant to your clients, not just a recruiter

2. Position yourself as a thought leader to the wider market

3. Focus on the fastest growing markets, to accelerate your own business development


Search through the live database to identify opportunities. Straightforward, convenient, and gives you complete control over identifying targets by drilling down into niche areas of interest. 

Access to our fully searchable database with every job published and available online.

It enables you to analyse hiring trends within your sector, explore market opportunities, and create complex views of relevant client activity.

Export search results to CSV for your convenience.

Build hotlists by sector, role, region and by company.


Daily Email alerts are configured to you, tracking your market in real time, so you never miss an opportunity. Set filters however you want, by role, sector, location or any combination you want. Start your day with a business development boost with a vacancy tracker alert.

Area of Professional Focus

e.g. Underwriting, claims, risk etc.

Job Title Keyword

e.g. Actuarial Advisor etc.

Job Seniority

e.g. Director, Senior Manager or Division Head

Company Sector Specialism

e.g. Life, Non Life etc.

Company Headcount

e.g. 11-50, 51-100, 101-500, 500+

What Country/Regions do you focus on

e.g. South East, UK, USA, EEA,, Singapore etc

Not sure which filters to set up for the best results?
Contact us now, and we’ll be happy to help!

Why does Vacancysoft add value?


Daily updates on the most recent vacancies in your market. You get them before competitors and increase your chances of securing a fee when posting CVs registered with multiple agencies.


No duplicates, no spam, no old roles, just relevant jobs!


Pricing is based on the data packages you need, meaning you only pay for the data you want.


 Log in and identify every relevant vacancy in your market, or explore new horizons.


Bolt on unlimited users, so your ROI is maximised within a single subscription! 


Our support team will answer all your requests and questions no later than 24h. We aim to get back to you within the first few hours of your inquiry. Our user satisfaction is our priority!


See trends emerging in real time. Track changes by sector, location and job function. Use data to have a first mover advantage in your market.


We will monitor any company you are interested in. Any size and location.


Your access to our database means you have 360 market intelligence to inform candidates of every relevant vacancy.


Maximise revenue from current relationships and increase value through the share of hires. You will optimise your client management by receiving new instructions on opportunities that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.


Improve the productivity of your recruiters by working through leads and hot prospects instead of manual internet searches! This way, you can engage in a direct fee-earning activity and hit quarterly targets every time.


our Process

We strive for excellence in our solutions. Constantly improving the amount and quality of data we publish and ensuring it’s end-user friendly for ease of use. Innovation is central to achieving this and is at the heart of our business culture.

This approach enables our clients to be more profitable, thus creating long-lasting, sustainable business relationships.


We compile extensive corporate directories ensuring coverage of all relevant companies in the Actuarial & Insurance sector.


We daily research target companies to gather and process vacancy data.


Our software monitors over half a million company websites 24/7.


Our team of professional analysts processes vacancies to ensure data quality.