Vacancy Analytics

Vacancy Analytics

To maximise the value to your business, we offer a data visualisation environment designed to help you quickly and easily identify emerging hotspots across Europe by country, role and company.


How does it work?

Create charts

Use different modules from the top panel to build a chart.

save charts

Save charts then easily access them from the disk icon.


Once loaded, export charts in different formats.

pin to dashboard

Load your saved charts on your personalised dashboard.


How do we make a difference?

Detailed demand overview by profession, division, location and even by organisation enables you to understand market activity better. You can either conduct this as a weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual review, to highlight specific trends.


Track market activity and spotlight key client activity using advanced charts.


Optimise resource allocation – what are the current hotspots to focus on?


Integrate the data into your own BI system for a 360° perspective.


How can we help?

Vacancy Analytics is the only data visualisation environment for recruiters that helps you quickly and easily identify emerging hotspots across Europe.

Save key reports and load them to your dashboard, so you could quickly and easily access your areas of key interest.

maximised value

Interrogate data streams outside your vacancy alert subscriptions to help you plan growth better.

Upstream Analysis

Be able to analyse key industries vacancy levels to enable you to forecast future activity levels with clients.

Corporate Spotlight

Key Account Manage better through comparing specific companies against their peers to see areas they are prioritizing hiring.

international vacancy flows

Where one economy contracts another booms. What impact will that on where your clients hire next?

executive search

Identify which companies have a higher proportion of senior level vacancies.